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Advice @ Scale

Demonstrate you’re offering much more than product information.

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Why implement advice @ scale

The term ‘advice @ scale’ came from the dilemma of a single banker or relationship manager having too many customers to manage and talk to, in one calendar year.

It’s usually impossible for a financial institution to provide business advice and support to every customer, one on one. There are too many customers for each manager to meet, call or email. Some customers don’t want to talk to their bank and prefer to self-serve the information they want when they need it. At times, business customers also want to access content on a topic that they prefer to keep to themselves. For example, an article on ‘Solving a cash flow crisis’, is much more likely to be read by a business owner who doesn’t really want their financial institution to know they need this question solved.

Even if you do have a business banker advisory strategy in place, the challenges of delivery include:

  • Business bankers don’t really want to give advice. Many (not all) are on unfamiliar ground and would rather refer the customer to a professional.
  • The inherent liability of advising a business owner who acts on that advice.
  • Each banker will have a different opinion, meaning different advice being given for the same problem.
  • Needing to train and upskill bankers to remain relevant, which is expensive.
  • Difficulty in measuring the ROI on training spend.

Blend this with the on-going battle to differentiate from online finance providers, makes it even more important to demonstrate you’re offering much more than product information.

Which is where ‘advice @ scale’ comes in.

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