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Business Planning Tool

An online Business Planner for your website

Add an online business planner to your small business banking webpages that supports and engages your customers.

What is it?

Our Business Planner is a customizable tool that you embed on your web page where your customers can quickly prepare and print out their own business plan. Support your customers, encourage return visits and get found on search. Some of our bank customers also include it in their loans application process.

Are your small business customers stressed, worrying about how they will survive in harsh economic climate, or looking for ways to grow their business? A business plan is the answer to help them get started on the road to reach their goals, but getting started is the hard part.
Our tool is easy to use and is full of assistance and extra information, so it's a learning experience as well as a great way to get a business plan put together with minimal effort.

Try it for yourself

Here's how it could look on your website.

  • Use our default content or we can rewrite to your specific brief
  • Content matches your tone, SEO requirements and local keywords
  • We'll add links to your product and calls to action
  • We can apply your own colors to the buttons
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Why business owners like online planners
  • They're presented with a lean plan format, which is quick to complete
  • Each section has help text and downloads to help create a practical plan of action
  • The end result can be saved as a Word doc and edited and added to offline in their own time
Why financial institutions like online planners
  • Business plan sections can match loan criteria, doubling as a way to collect the information you need to make loan decisions
  • Business bankers can use the planner to engage with their customers
  • Internal links lead users to other parts of the main website, including calls to action and contact us

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$750 $375/monthly

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