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We offer a range of significant discounts to ICBA members, while providing the very best content and strategy, allowing your marketing team to piggyback from our experience and insights with larger banks.

Exclusive to ICBA members

Drive small business traffic, enable bankers to have better conversations, help your business customers with financial literacy, amplify your marketing message in all your channels. By adding practical small business content to your website, send in newsletters, print at branch, seed into social media or syndicate to your partners.

Your small business customers may be stressed, worrying about how they will cope when their interest rates rise.

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Deal One.
Business Content Library 33% discount.

Content has never been easier. With a subscription to the Business Content Library, you have immediate access to articles, templates, calculators, checklists, and tools, all updated with your branding and available to edit or use as-is.  

New content is added every two months.

You’ll never have to worry about creating business content ever again. 

  • Silver $1,400/month $999/month
  • Gold $2,499/month $1,499/month
  • Platinum $3,999/month $2,499/month
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Deal Two.
Stand-alone microsite 67% discount.

If you don't have time or in-house web resources to create a resource center, we'll build you one to link to from your website, fully branded with your own sub-domain and calls to action.

  • One off set up costs $7,500 $2,500
  • Monthly $2,399/month $799/month

There are two different microsite layouts to choose from: Standard and Advanced.

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Deal Three.
Content Bundle 72% discount.

If you prefer to buy articles and templates to convert to web page content, and templates for your customers to download, then our bundle of content is perfect. We’ve selected the best of our content, which we know will resonate with existing customers and potential prospects.

We’ll send you a folder with the files allowing you to use as you wish and we’re happy to re-brand the templates at no extra charge.

Each bundle has 12 articles, 3 templates, 2 checklists.

Select one, two or all of the topics to build out your resource center.

Try one bundle, test, add more later.

  • Start-Up Bundle - One off cost $17,500 $5,000
  • Growth Bundle - One off cost $17,500 $5,000
  • Running Bundle - One off cost $17,500 $5,000
  • Exit Bundle - One off cost $15,500 $4,000

Our content in action

Check out some of our current customers to see how they use content. References or referees to talk to our customers available on request.  

About The Small Business Company Ltd

From custom content strategy, to our business content library, we’re the small business content partner for banks and credit unions wanting to drive traffic and increase engagement. We know what works for other banks and how to make it work for yours. 

Trusted by the best