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Starting a business in a COVID world

How COVID has changed the playing field and created an increase in new start-ups.

Covid Kick

Verb for ‘kick’; strike or propel forcibly with the foot.

This sums up nicely what’s happened to small businesses around the world. They’ve been kicked along a new trajectory, good or bad, depending on their industry and attitude. Find out how COVID has changed the playing field and surprisingly, created an increase in new start-ups globally.


  • Latest statistics in small business start-ups
  • 5 COVID Kick trends
  • Four strategies to strengthen a start-up
  • How Financial Institutions can generate qualified startup leads

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About our presenters

Roger Pierce

Roger is a serial entrepreneur who understands first-hand what it takes to grow a small business. In addition to helping banks and brands engage small business customers, Roger is the author of small business books and has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs in 5 countries.

Glen Senior

Glen has been helping small businesses start and grow since 1989. Along the way he has published 6 books on small business development and business planning, created training courses, built e-learning platforms, and worked with a number or organisations on small business content strategy including Microsoft USA, Bank of America, Royal Mail, Virgin Money, MBIE, Inland Revenue, IPONZ, NZTE and the BNZ. Since 2005 Glen has focused on the banking sector, and has built up an extensive knowledge of how banks can engage with the small business segment. He has presented at a number of small business banking conferences, and is sought out as an opinion leader in this space.

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