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Bridging the Gap Between Banks & Small Businesses

We'll help you create a content marketing strategy to better connect with businesses while improving business financial literacy.

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Curate a Curriculum

Choosing the right content can be overwhelming. We can help you identify your target audience, their pain points, and opportunities to support them. This will lay the foundation for a successful content curriculum.

Analyze your existing content offering

Decide the actions you want your target audience to take

Establish your goals and criteria to mark success


Get the Team on Board

Before kick-starting your content marketing plan, you must get your team on board. Develop a system, refine your processes, and ensure your organization is prepared to hit the ground running.

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Enable a Customer Contact Strategy

When your customers respond to a lead magnet, equip your team with the tools to effectively engage them.

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Distribute Content Throughout Your Organization

Give the entire team access to your content so their individual messaging is always on-brand.

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Integrate New Content Seamlessly

Consider your existing UI/UX when integrating new content so your customers’ experience isn’t disrupted.


Time to Go Live

With a targeted and on-brand content selection lined up, it's time to go live! We can show you how to diversify your delivery through different channels; this gives you the most opportunities for increased exposure to your customers.

Gated Content
Easily identify hot leads by requiring registration-only access. This acts as a filter for customers who are seriously interested in your offering.
Resource Center
Make it as easy as possible for your small business customers to find your content. A clearly labeled resource center is the most effective way to organize content on your site.
Gated Content

Spread the Word

After your content has gone live, it's time to amplify! Post across multiple platforms, encourage bankers to share content with customers, or host webinars and events. There are many purposeful ways to utilize your content – and we can help you choose.

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Fostering Genuine Interactions

Value-based conversations are more lucrative than those that revolve around sales. Our content makes it easy for banks to establish helpful connections.

Building Brand Credibility

Making our high-quality, free resources available to your customers will position you as a trusted advisor ahead of your competitors.

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Strategic Content Deployment

How you deploy and amplify your content is equally as important as the messaging. Our strategic guidance sessions are available to help you get it right.

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Increasing Engagement

Our content helps draw in new users and engage your existing customer base across multiple platforms without needing an in-house writing team.

How We Help
Small Businesses

Democratizing Content

Searching for answers takes time – something you don't often have when you're running a business.

We specialize in creating educational resources for small businesses. Our content is both informative and engaging; and in the hands of a bank, it becomes more easily accessible to small business owners.

Empathetic Educating

The pressures of being a small business owner are overwhelming. We get it.

Financial literacy is the key to taking control. We empower small business owners by sharing our knowledge and experience. That’s the driving force behind our content.

Financial Literacy

There’s inherent risk involved when starting a business. Without a good understanding of money management, that risk grows.

We’ve laid out actionable steps – participating in webinars, downloading templates and guides, and subscribing to newsletters – for small businesses to take towards achieving financial literacy.

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