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Webinars generate leads

"73% of B2B marketing and sales leaders say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads"


Companies around the world use live webinars to successfully engage business owners and managers with their brand.  

Inside a great webinar

A great webinar will:

  • Get to the point and deliver useful information
  • Be delivered by an expert from outside your company
  • Include a free resource handout (like this one)
  • Put your brand in front of customers or prospects for 30 to 60 minutes
  • Drive participants to take a desired action: buy, explore or contact
  • Earn the gratitude of your prospects or customers.
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Give webinar participants a branded free resource, like this one

Credible experts

Small business owners admit they don’t have all of the answers, so they are attracted to learning opportunities presented by credible experts who can help them to run their businesses better. 

TSBC will identify and secure guests for your webinar who are:

  • Subject matter specialists, such as an AI expert or social media consultant.
  • Experienced working with small business owners.
  • Well spoken thought leaders willing to share their unique insights and knowledge with your customers.
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Webinars by The Small Business Company

We provide a turnkey solution for B2b webinar delivery — in short, we do all the work

  • Create webinar topics that bridge what you sell with what business owners want to learn.
  • Suggest best days of the week/time of day for webinars, and how often.
  • Develop webinar content, including information about your product or service.
  • Present your webinars using one or more of our experts — with someone from your team serving as session host.
  • Design and host a branded webinar page for your webinar program.
  • Create the email invitations to be issued to your list.
  • Manage the technical side ­— webinar participant registration, confirmation, reminders, and login details.
  • Send you a detailed report including participant contact information.
  • Build a custom free resource handout to send to participants following the webinar.
  • Look after all other aspects of webinar production, delivery and promotion.

We can also create custom webinar topics for your bankers to deliver in their local markets.

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To learn more about TSBC Webinars for Small Business Owners, please contact Roger Pierce at 1-888-409-0402 or email

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