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Product Selector

Embed this interactive tool to help small business owners navigate your business lending products.


Here's a demo of how the tool works. Put on your creative hat and imagine this in your brand. The buttons, colors and fonts can be updated to suit your brand so that it fits seamlessly right in with your website.

Why business owners like the product selector
  • Financial products can be confusing, with similar names and confusing jargon.
  • They can quickly locate solutions based on current needs.
  • It helps them evaluate your product offering before they make contact.
Why financial institutions like the product selector
  • It can demystify the myriad of product options for web visitors.
  • The product selector can be combined with content, linking content with product.
  • It instantly adds the ability to choose the right product based on needs.
  • We can customize the look to match your brand guidelines.
  • Custom product information, links and scenarios created to match your products.
  • We'll add links to your supporting content.
Deployment is easy
Once we have customized the tool to suit your website brand and your product range/options, we'll send you code that your dev team can either iFrame or embed inside your website, for a seamless customer experience.

Works on desktop and mobile devices.


Interactive tools keep your customers on your site longer.

Simply Implemented

Easy to deploy with minimal coding required, this tool is responsive and simple to use.

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Our Range of Content Options

Some people like to read, some prefer to do. Appeal to learners of all kinds by using a bit of everything. Here’s a snapshot of our popular tools and content.

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