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Embed interactive calculators and offer downloadable templates on your website to help your small business owners create their own financial scenarios.

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Empower Your Customers with Financial Literacy

Calculators and templates allow small business owners to use their own data to make better financial decisions. Knowledge empowers your customers to take control of their finances and gives them the tools to predict the road ahead.

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Why business owners like calculators and templates
  • They can use their own information, therefore get results that are specifically relevant to them
  • Help text and examples make them easy to use
  • Results are quick and fast to calculate
Why financial institutions like calculators and templates
  • Topics are some of the most popular, generating pre-qualified traffic
  • They directly help small businesses with financial literacy
  • Calculators increase time on site and templates can be amplified across communication channels
  • Each calculator and template match your brand guidelines
  • Explanatory and help text adopt your tone, SEO requirements and local keywords
  • We'll add links to your product and calls to action for next steps
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Deployment is easy
For calculators, we'll send you code that your dev team can either iFrame or embed inside your website, for a seamless customer experience. For templates, we'll send you the original Word, Excel or editable PDF file.

We’ve created templates in PDF, Excel, and Word formats. Each layout offers different advantages and we’ll advise which content and format will be most effective for your business model.

Online or Offline

Interactive formats keep your customers on your site longer but giving them the option to download your branded templates to use offline doubles the value you provide.

Simply Implemented

Easy to deploy with minimal coding required, our calculators are responsive and simple to use. Accessibility and compliance standards vary, but many of them can easily be customized to suit.

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Calculator topics

  • Break-even
  • Business loan
  • Business valuation
  • Cash burn estimate
  • Five ways to increase profit
  • Gross profit break-even
  • Impact of discounting
  • Loan vs lease
  • Product selector
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Template topics

  • Advertising break-even
  • Break-even
  • Business loan
  • Business plan
  • Business valuation
  • Cash burn estimate
  • Cash flow
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Charge out rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Employee costs
  • Five ways to increase profit
  • Impact of discounting
  • Marketing on a shoestring
  • Marketing plan
  • Product pricing
  • Ratio analysis
  • Revenue potential
  • SBA cash flow
  • Start-up costs
  • SWOT analysis
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Our Range of Content Options

Some people like to read, some prefer to do. Appeal to learners of all kinds by using a bit of everything. Here’s a snapshot of our popular tools and content.

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Business Health Checks

Diagnostic tools that allow your customers to self-select information, generate reports, and download.

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Videos & Infographics

Straightforward and engaging, visually formatted information makes difficult topics easier to explain and understand.

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Optimized for SEO to drive traffic with the flexibility to fit multiple channels (social media, e-newsletters, etc.)

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E-books & Checklists

Highlight specific topics to demonstrate your knowledge, position your brand as one of value, and improve engagement.

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Online Business Planners

Increase qualified leads with customized business planners that correspond with your loan requirements and other offers.

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Templates & Calculators

With interactive templates and calculators embedded in your website, you’ll increase engagement time and brand awareness.


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