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How We Helped Extraco Banks Support Businesses in Central Texas

Extraco needed high-quality business content to populate the resource portal on their website, so they enlisted us to help.

Extraco Credit Union created a platform within their company called LINC, which stands for leadership, innovation, networking, and community. LINC is an information portal found on Extraco’s website that provides their customers with resources to help them grow their small businesses.

Extraco Credit Union needed high-quality business content to populate the resource portal on their website, so they enlisted the help of The Small Business Company.

LINC’s Format

To make it easier for their customers to access the most relevant information, LINC resources are organized according to each stage of business: Start-Up, Growth, Manage, and Transition & Succession. Each segment focuses on a specific topic, so a subscription to the Business Content Library (BCL) made the most sense, allowing them to pick and choose content as needed. After Extraco logged in to the BCL, filtered recommendations enabled their team to rapidly locate the appropriate content for each section.

Extraco Branding

After selecting their content from the BCL, the Extraco team customized each piece to match their company voice and adapted the content to suit their requirements. We stepped in to further customize their selection by rebranding their tools, Excel templates, PDF documents, and infographics with their logo and brand colors. This visual branding was completed within two weeks, making the process quick and straightforward for Extraco to deploy content as soon as possible.

Ready to Launch

With all their chosen content customized and approved, going live was the next step. Extraco’s web team used code provided by The Small Business Company to embed the interactive tools, and uploaded articles, infographics, and templates sourced from the BCL. Just like that, LINC was a fully functional resource portal full of high-quality and interactive content that was readily accessible to Extraco’s customers.

Reaching the Community

Post-launch, we stayed in touch with Extraco’s content and web teams to ensure the content was effective and reached their intended customers. Central Texan cities have seen faster growth than nearly all major US cities since 2018. In Downtown Waco, most shops are locally owned small businesses. From eateries and florists to art supply stores and junk removal companies, everywhere you turn are small enterprises that need guidance (which LINC provides for free) to thrive and reach the next level.

Moving Forward

LINC’s usage and traffic will be monitored by Extraco to assess its success over time. As their content strategy is rolled out, the Extraco team can turn to the BCL for more content. The Small Business Company will be there every step of the way to help with customization and guidance on how best to amplify and use content.

We also constantly keep in touch with developments in the business world and publish new content regularly. Extraco, and all our clients, are notified when new content is available in the BCL so they can integrate and share the most up-to-date information with their small business customers.

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