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How We Helped First Commonwealth Bank Establish a Resource Center

From start-ups to well-established businesses, First Commonwealth Bank needed content to help their customers make informed decisions.

First Commonwealth Bank prides itself on building long-term relationships between their customers and employees. To better serve their small business customers, First Commonwealth Bank VP of Digital Channel and Content Marketing, Larissa Murphy wanted to provide practical and informative content in the most direct and effective way possible. To achieve this, they needed access to content fast — and with a subscription to the Business Content Library, they got it.

From start-up prospects to well-established businesses, First Commonwealth Bank needed content to help their customers make informed decisions, no matter where they were on their journey.

Workshopping Solutions

To get everyone on the same page, we started by conducting a content strategy workshop for Larissa and her marketing team. The workshop, which took place over two one-hour sessions, enabled us to identify First Commonwealth’s target market and what those customers’ pain points were. These points were essential to determine early on in the process so we could take the best approach to content delivery. 

We shared our small business expertise with Larissa and her team to better match products and services to the needs of their customers. From there, First Commonwealth’s custom small business content curriculum was created.

Content Selection

With our curriculum outline complete, we moved on to specific content types. Step one was analyzing First Commonwealth’s web platform as we wanted to select content that would integrate seamlessly into the Bank’s existing setup. This would ensure we didn’t disrupt their customers’ user experience.

Articles, videos, and interactive tools were accessed from within the Business Content Library, allowing First Commonwealth the ability to download the various files such as editable PDFs, Excel templates, Word Docs., articles, and video files.

Resources for Resilience 

First Commonwealth’s resource center follows the natural progression of a business lifecycle for customers to easily find information relevant to where they are in their individual business journey. Each section utilizes a range of content from our Business Content Library to provide comprehensive help to small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs.

Of the six sections, the Resilience segment was specifically requested by Larissa and her team. They wanted to help their small business customers who were under stress and struggling during pre and post-COVID.

First Commonwealth Bank has physical locations in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania; the latter is home to over one million small businesses, contributing to a total of almost 2.2 million small businesses in the tri-state area that First Commonwealth serves. Many, if not all of those small businesses were impacted by COVID and the resilience segment of the resource center was created specifically for them.

Always Here to Help 

Having the resources embedded into their website eliminates the need for First Commonwealth to include external links to additional information, thus encouraging customers to stay on the Bank’s site for longer. And, with their subscription to the Business Content Library, Larissa and her team have unlimited access to content so they can refresh the resource center regularly or deploy content internally. They also have free rein to edit, rebrand, and make the content their own.

The Small Business Company maintains monthly strategy calls to check in and determine if there are any other ways we can help amplify First Commonwealth’s content so it reaches its maximum potential. For example, the ‘Tools & Templates’ section has all of the interactive content in one place and is a great resource for bankers to send to their customers. Alternatively, they can pull content from the library and send it directly through their social media channels.

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