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Glen Senior


Glen’s lifelong goal has been to help small businesses start, grow, and succeed by building partnerships that impact the wider small business ecosystem. He has a deep understanding of the small business mindset, which he’s accumulated over the years by starting and running his own businesses — he is currently a director of three companies — and then transferring that knowledge to the business education sector.

Along the way, he has published six books on small business development and planning, created and run in-person training courses, built e-learning platforms, designed online business games for schools, and worked with a number of organizations to improve their small business content strategy. Since 2005, Glen has focused on the banking and financial literacy sector, building up an extensive knowledge of how financial institutions can engage with their small business customers.

All of Glen’s work in The Small Business Company is free to small business owners, as the content and insights are delivered through clients and partners; banks, credit unions, government institutions, and other small business-focused organizations. This enables his practical form of business wisdom to be consumed by millions of small business owners each year.

On a personal note, Glen is married to Kate, and together they have four daughters; Isabella, Phoebe, Molly, and Samantha. In his free time, he plays cricket, coaches soccer, and reads historical literature.

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