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Content will drive qualified traffic to your website and sales channels. Take action to turn these interested prospects into leads by initiating smart marketing software and enablers. We’ve found four US content, data and intelligence companies that will help you achieve your ROI goals.

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Each of the following companies provides a range of services, however we’ve focused just on those that relate to content marketing. If you are interested in learning more about any, click through direct to their sales contact points, and we’ll drop off the loop.

Why are we referring to these companies?

Content (our game) is only one part of the business marketing puzzle (we’d argue it is the first step). Once you have an engaged customer, it makes sense to further pre-qualify and generate a physical lead or enable your bankers to have better conversations and identify potential targets. Our role in content marketing strategy is to help you manage the process from start to finish.

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SB Resources
Since 1998, SBR has been providing innovative small business marketing solutions for financial institutions, insurance companies and other Fortune companies. SBR’s services range from small business customer acquisition, cross-sell, onboarding, and engagement through innovative content.

Lead generator products


How it works: 
As a bank, you want to target the health sector (maybe even a niche, such as dentists) but only in your area (for example, those within a 20-mile radius of your branch network). SB Resources will create a whitepaper on a particular issue that resonates with Dentists (with a product match, such as equipment finance),create a landing page to download the content piece, then send a friendly email to every dentist within your footprint. Dentists downloading the content and opting in to be contacted by you, are designated a lead for you to make contact.

What it costs

  • SB Resources charge a (very) small set-up fee to create the whitepaper, landing page and send email their database of contacts. Then you only pay a low per lead fee. No lead. No cost.

Newstart-up prospecting

How it works: 
The new start-up stage is the best time to obtain a new to bank customer, especially if you have a better small business proposition than their existing bank. SB Resources receives daily data on 6 million newly and recently formed businesses from2,200 local municipalities and 50 state governments around the US. With this data, SB Resources can send a direct mail flyer or set IP banner ads with a start-up offer, driving these new start-ups to your closest branch or website.

What it costs

  • Please reach out to SB Resources directly to discuss pricing.

RelPro has a business development solution that allows business bankers to find new prospects, learn more about those prospects and keep tabs on them. Their database contains 7 million companies and 150 million business decision maker records. It’s the data quality, accurate contact details and time-saving workflow integration (17 data partners including UCC, PPP & SBA loans, commercial real estate and buyer intent data) that business development, relationship management and marketing professionals find so valuable.

Banker lead generator products

Company/Contact Insights

How it works: 
Example 1 – Qualify a prospect 
A banker reads about a company with a recent expansion, implying they may need capital. Searching for this company inside RelPro helps the banker qualify if the company is a good prospect (company revenue, other lenders they have loans outstanding with), plus access the CFO email and mobile phone number to schedule a meeting. 

Example 2 – Generate a list of new prospects 
A banker is looking to target companies in a specific industry, geography, or revenue range. With RelPro, they search for companies in a specific industry (based off 35,000 industry keywords, NAICS/SIC Codes),revenue and specific geography (search by radius around a specific city/zip code or county/MSA). In a matter of seconds, they generate a list of companies fitting the criteria plus the contact details of the financial decision maker. 

Example 3 – Generate prospects with loans outstanding with your competitors  
A banker is looking to find companies that have loans outstanding with a local competing lender. Within RelPro, they can search for all companies that have loans outstanding with that lender, based on a specific industry, geography, or revenue range. You can identify the financial decisionmaker to schedule a meeting.

What it costs

  • Please reach out to RelPro directly to discuss pricing.

Act-on is a complete marketing campaign stack like HubSpot or Marketo, just better. From a content point of view, their marketing automation tools give you the best chance of amplifying the content you have, within a system that allows you to track, measure and contact.

Lead generator products

Automated Marketing Journeys

How it works: 
Integrating Act-On’s application to your bank website, helps you track visitor behavior, capture information, and turn visitors into buyers with forms and landing page templates. You can also segment to add context to your customer data at every touchpoint and build more accurate profiles to create more relevant and personalized communications. Act-On also has broad, powerful social media, event, and web-tracking capabilities, all in one easy-to-use solution.

What it costs

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