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A Business Planning page for your website

All the content you need to create a page of business planning resources for your small business customers.

What is it?

Small business owners love our business planning content. When we place business plan and cash flow templates and related content on bank websites it's always the most popular items and is a frequently searched topic on the internet.

Are your small business customers stressed, worrying about how they will survive in harsh economic climate, or looking for ways to grow their business? A business plan is the answer to help them get started on the road to reach their goals: but getting started is the hard part.

Our content guides them through the processes and coupled with our templates and checklists you can help your small business customers decipher the mysteries of business planning.

This business planning package is combines some of our most effective and popular tools and is designed to provide you with all the content, downloads and other resources needed to create an informative web page that provides this guidance with minimal effort or complexity.

what you get

Package contents include:

  • Business planning page content. All the text required to create a web page that explains the fundamentals of how to create a plan for a small business.
  • Business planning template. This is a Microsoft Word document that includes the structure and assistance to help the business owner to write their own comprehensive plan.
  • Cash flow template. A Microsoft Excel template that is an essential tool for a small business owner to use to predict and plan for the ebbs and flows of cash in thier business.
  • Business loan calculator. An online tool that can be used to calculate and estimate of the repayments for loans a business may require.
  • Financial health check tool. An online, interactive tool that helps the business owner to identify weaknesses in their situation. The report page presents a range of actions to take, resources and information on how to improve the financial situation.
  • Business feasibility one-page plan. This useful planning tool can be completed quickly by people thinking about starting a business to give them a basic outline of the feasibility of their idea.
  • Lean business plan. A one-page plan that can be used when only a brief and quick outline is needed.

Here's how HarborOne bank have built a Business Planning page.

  • Start from our default content and customize to suit your bank
  • Downloads such as the cash flow forecast template are customized to suit your brand
  • Add links to your product and calls to action
  • Embedded tools (Calculator and Health check are customized to your brand colors.
Easy to implement
  • Create a single web page to host the content
  • Edit the content we send you then copy and poste it onto your web page
  • We can host the the interactive tools and downloads. All you do is add buttons or links to them.
  • If you prefer to host the tools on your server, we can supply a package of all the files you need
Why financial institutions like business planning content
  • Business plan content and templates can match loan criteria, doubling as a way to collect the information you need to make loan decisions
  • Business bankers can use the content to engage with their customers
  • Internal links lead users to other parts of the main website, including calls to action and contact us



then $500/hosted monthly
or $300/self-hosted monthly

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