Content marketing fundamentals

Tactics for banks that help make content marketing campaigns successful.

It can be difficult to establish a set of tactics that might make a certain content marketing campaign successful over another. However, we’ve come up with three basic fundamentals that dictate content marketing success for banks.

Originality of your bank content

How can you distinguish your content from that of your competitors? Some ways you can go about it include:

  • Targeting a different niche. For example, a new tranche of content dedicated to exporters could be a point of difference.
  • Covering trending topics. If you’re creating content on topics that are already being searched for online, you may have a greater chance of your content being read.
  • Providing a unique angle. Many banking related topics have been covered countless times on the Internet, so how can your bank attack the same content from a different angle?

Original content is one of the keys to ongoing success with your content marketing efforts.

Engagement with your small business audience

Your customers are looking for content that’s engaging – content that they can connect and interact with. If your bank can provide that, it has a greater chance of gaining and keeping small business customers.

Content that encourages user participation could be:

  • Interactive videos. These involve the user making a series of selections during the video to alter the outcome.
  • Quizzes. Readers choose the answers to a series of questions.
  • Health checks. Your customers can answer questions based on how well their small business is doing.

Create value and maintain consistency

All businesses want to offer value to their customers, but how can you offer value through your content? A few ways include:

  • Offering practical tips, how-to guides, or tutorials.
  • Creating entertaining and informative content.
  • Being consistent with your brand and content so your customers know what to expect.

Publishing at regular intervals with a consistent brand voice is critical to building a loyal customer base.

At TSBC, we can provide you with content that’s original, maintains engagement with your audience, and has value and consistency. Contact us via email at to find out how we can assist you.

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